Organization Development

Organizational Development refers to strategies and initiatives that align, promote and encourage the improvement of a department so it can meet its mission, fully realize its potential and maximize its ability to make positive and lasting contributions to its constituencies and Europe Hospitality. The consulting process places equal focus on the development of the individual employee.

Europe Hospitality provides comprehensive organizational development consulting services Serving as internal consultants among with the Organizational Development team that has extensive experience working within global mission and culture and has a thorough understanding of policies and procedures, human resource systems and union contracts. This expertise and insight leads to customized solutions that support mission and the department's business objectives in achieving a high-performance culture.

Services provided cover a wide range of issues including the following challenges typically faced by managers:

Change Management

Performance Management

Leadership Development

Climate/Culture/Interpersonal Relationships

Organizational Structure/Work Processes/Job Design

Strategic Planning/Visioning